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About Us

My name is Dick Duez, I'm from Bridgeport, WV.   I am 73 years old and was a glass cutter for 20 years from 1961-1981.  I am dedicating this site to my father Frank Duez, born in Jannette PA in 1911.  He was a glass cutter for 47 years.  He cut glass in 12 of the 13 plants remaining when he started in the mid 1930's.


My intention is to show photos of United States window glass, tools, advertisements, personnel and plants starting with the first attempt to make window glass at Jamestown VA., in 1608, to the float factory of today.  Ground zero for this sight is Adamston Flat Glass Clarksburg, WV, and Harrison County.  Next forward to the rest of West Virginia and eventually the plants of the United States. 


I hope it will be used for those interested in genealogy, industrial history and just those who would like to understand a once intrical part of our country growth. 

If you would like a digital copy of any photos please contact me with the form below and I will email them to you at no cost.

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