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I would like to give credit, first to Mike Salvio the web designer of the Early US Glass Factories website. 

Assisting with information for the site were:

Eugene Jaumot

Bill Nichols - Collection

Butch Moon - Adamston

John Nicknack -Greensburg PA

Joff Rolland

West Virginia University Library collection

West Virginia Glass Museum - Weston

West Virginia Culture Center Library

Dean Six - Harrisville WV

Harrison County Historical Society

David Houchin - Harrison Public Library

Ken Fones - Wolf WV

Arthur Markham

Patty Rolland Wells

Joe Powell - Bridgeport WV

Vickie Zabeau Bowden - Collection

John Howard - Jeannette PA

Ed Duez - Jeannette PA

Ron and Dennie Duez

Regie Suan -Harrison county

Lorie Hostuttlier

Jim Ferguson - Tool collection

Page and Guss Quertinmont - Tool collection

John Houze - Point Marion PA

Bill Gaston - Collection

John Cuthbert - WVU library curator

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graber

Charles Smith - Boss cutter, PPG

Raymond Thibout - Mt. Vernon OH

Raymond Quineaut

City of Bridgeport

Joe Summers - Isaac Creek

Dr. Fred Barkey - Charleston WV

Goldenseal Magazine of West Virginia

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